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Remove your Arrest Records off 

We offer 3 packages:

How to Get Started

Step 1. Pick a plan and create a payment profile.

Step 2. Meet your account manager and wait for the removal notifications to roll in.

Step 3. Keep in touch with your account manager and contact us for any reason!


Have you ever been arrested? You are not alone.


Almost 70 million Americans have some sort of criminal record. In other words, 1 in 5 of everyone you meet.


So does it even matter that you have an arrest record if you're in such good company? Well, yes.


Because as long as your arrest record is publicly available online, anyone can pull it up.


At any time.


Did you think arrest records only affected background checks? It’s not that easy.


Your past arrest records matter so much more than that quick background search from a potential employer.


Your arrest record can influence your employment status, even years later.

Your arrest record even changes the cost of your insurance!


And, believe it or not; if your friends or acquaintances type your name into that search bar, it can even affect your personal reputation.


Think your past online arrest records don’t affect your social life? Think again.


So now that you know what kind of impact your online arrest records can make. What do you do with this information?


Are you forced to allow your past mistakes to wreak havoc on the future? Or is there a way to erase your online arrest records?


The good news is: Yes! You can do something about your online arrest records!


And at Future Solutions Media, we launched our Arrest Record Removal Service for just this reason!


We are ready to help you!


Don’t let your online arrest record affect your life any longer!


At Future Solutions Media, we don’t think you should suffer for something that is in the past. Our Arrest Record Removal Service is here to help you get the embarrassing information off of the internet.


True, your arrest record will always be accessible through government record depots or local courthouses. But there is no reason for your arrest record to be pulled up in a basic Google search.


At Future Solutions Media, we are ready to remove your online arrest record and to put embarrassing mistakes where they belong: In the past. Don’t let the past you influence who you are today for another minute!


At Future Solutions Media, we offer several different packages with our Arrest Record Removal Service. All depending on your needs and budget, we have the “Basic Scrub”, the “Deep Scrub”, and what we call our “Digital Makeover”.


Sign our PDF agreement, and get started today! Once you sign up for Future Solutions Media’s Arrest Record Removal Service, you will find the removal notifications rolling in. Every notification will take you one step closer to your new, squeaky clean online reputation!


Your own account manager will keep in touch with you, and you can contact Future Solutions Media at ANY time, and for ANY reason.


Do not let your past hold you back any longer! Want search engines to stop pulling up your old arrest records?


At Future Solutions Media, we will remove your arrest records from all the major search engines, like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. When we are done, people can google you all they want, and it will not affect you.


In addition to search engine removal, Future Solutions Media can remove your arrest records from more than thirty common Background Check Databases, like “Advanced Background Checks”, “Been Verified”, and “People Looker”.


Future Solutions Media offer weekly reports on your Arrest Record Removal status and even a Digital PR Campaign! At Future Solutions Media, we guarantee a full removal of your online arrest record or your money back! We all make mistakes. Are you ready to erase yours?

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