Do you have a product or business that you want to get serious exposure?


Digital Public Relations provides credibility to any organization. Think about it, the best companies are being talked about on cool newspapers and magazines. Some is earned, some is paid for as it really depends on the company and publications involved.


While most companies charge thousands each month we use technology to do most of the work so we can charge a lot less. 

Here are some reasons why it's important.

1.    SEO - Search Engine Optimization. When Google see's your company link on a place like Forbes, you get a +1 in ranking. Do this enough times and watch your website traffic grow.

2.   Customer Acquisition. When people get published as an expert in the field, customers usually follow.


3.   Customer Research/Social Proof. When new customers through various channels find you, they want a reason to go with someone else. Don't give them one and get famous.

Pricing Starts

at $199/month

30-day Satisfaction Guarantee

Publications we work with:

Tech Crunch
CNN Health
Wall St Journal
The Atlantic
Business Insider
AVVO Nakedlaw
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